tom dollar writer/editor

As a freelance writer specializing in outdoor adventure and natural history, Tom has written numerous feature articles for both national and international publications: Arizona Highways, Audubon, Bicycle Guide, The Christian Science Monitor, City Magazine, Discover, East/West Journal, Geo, Inisight, Modern Maturity, The Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Magazine, The Mother Earth News, The New York Times, Omni, The Tucson Weekly, Wildlife Conservation, WorldTraveler, and

Tom has also authored or co-authored several books: Indian Country: A Guide to Northeastern Arizona; Tucson to Tombstone: A Guide to Southeastern Arizona; Guide to Arizona's Wilderness Areas; Arizona Hiking (co-author); and Travel Arizona II (co-author).


Tucson to Tombstone: A Guide to Southeastern Arizona won the Publishers Marketing Association's Ben Franklin Award for the best travel book of the year. Currently, Guide to Arizona's Wilderness Areas is a bestseller among backcountry guide books.


Tom has also taught business and technical writing and served as technical editor on the Arizona Super Conducting Super Collider Project and on the Biosphere 2 Project. 

Read Tom's blog: Songdog Chronicles



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